Engine Diagnostic Check

Cars are becoming increasingly technologically advanced, posing a greater challenge for workshops. Modern engine control systems now electronically control fuel injection to ensure optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. Our system specialists utilize the latest diagnostic equipment and their extensive expertise to analyze your car, ensuring its performance and efficiency.

Get the most out of your car

Imagine if your vehicle could actually tell you what is wrong with it. Well, these days many of them can, thanks to computerised car diagnostic checking.

Engine Diagnostic Check

Fault analysis with the latest diagnostic equipment

Adjustment for optimum performance and emissions

For all common vehicles and engine management systems

Workshop personnel trained to an advanced level

Good to know

Advanced fault diagnosis and latest knowledge

Our workshop always utilizes state-of-the-art technology because modern cars increasingly rely on complex electronic systems and equipment. With modern testing equipment and specialized software, our mechanics can quickly identify and rectify any faults in a professional manner.

All technicians in our workshop undergo extensive and regular training to stay informed about the latest technical developments, enabling them to find even the most complicated electronic faults.

In-depth technical expertise

The fuel injection systems used in modern cars are highly sensitive and can encounter various technical issues if not regularly inspected. Our skilled technicians have detailed knowledge of common engine management systems and the latest high-pressure fuel injection systems, from exhaust gas-based turbochargers to ignition control modules.

Most car manufacturers today use Bosch engine management systems for their gasoline and diesel engines. If you encounter an issue with your car, the technicians at our workshop are well-equipped to identify the cause using their combination of extensive expertise and computer-based system checks.

Sustainability from Bosch

The lambda sensor, developed by Bosch in 1976, is now used by nearly all car manufacturers in Europe. The sensor is one of the key technologies for reducing emissions and fuel consumption. If your car’s injection or exhaust system is not functioning ideally, we recommend having our workshop perform the necessary maintenance or repairs, as we have direct expertise from Bosch.

In need of an engine diagnostic check?

You can get your engine diagnostic check with us today in a few simple steps. We will provide you with an equivalent manufacturer level service based on your vehicle age and mileage. Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like to speak to us first, you can call us or send us an email on

Our expert tip

“Did you know? When the lambda sensor functions ideally, it can save up to 15% of your fuel expenses. It is the core of emission control, ensuring automatic compliance with all emission limits and preventing damage to the catalytic converter. So, it’s a good idea to have the lambda sensor checked by one of our technicians every 30,000 km.”