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Electronic system service Inspection & checks Tyre service Engine service Car bulb check Car repair and service

Electronic system service

Electronic Service and Diagnosis

We can provide the full spectrum of electrical and electronic service, from diagnosing and repairing problems with the computerised system of your vehicle to checking and changing your battery.

Battery Check

A simple battery check from us will help you avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery.

Inspection & checks

Car Diagnostic Check

A computerised car diagnostic check from us will give you a true picture of how your vehicle is running.

Brake Repair and Maintenance

Brake repair and maintenance with us is guaranteed to ensure safety.

pre-MOT check

We can prepare your car for its next mandatory inspection, registration inspection, and similar requirements. We can check your vehicle prior to the inspection and rectify any potential issues.

Professional Service for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Bosch has been involved from the beginning in the development of new components for hybrid and electric vehicles. Bosch now supplies equipment to most hybrid vehicle manufacturers as an original equipment manufacturer. Therefore, as part of Bosch Car Service the skilled mechanics at our workshop are fully experienced in repairing and maintaining these vehicles.


We offer professional inspection and maintenance work without compromising the factory warranty.

Air Conditioning Service

We will be pleased to service your air conditioning system. Benefit from regular AC service.

Professional Health Check

If you want to ensure that your car is always in a safe condition, we'll examine it closely during a health check – quickly, thoroughly, and at a fair price.

Tyre service

Tyre Fitting

When you ask us to service your tyres, we provide a lot of extra value

Engine service

Engine Diagnostic Check

Cars are becoming increasingly technologically advanced, posing a greater challenge for workshops. Modern engine control systems now electronically control fuel injection to ensure optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. Our system specialists utilize the latest diagnostic equipment and their extensive expertise to analyze your car, ensuring its performance and efficiency.

Oil and Filter Change

An oil and filter change might seem like a routine service but requesting it from us has some major advantages

Car bulb check

Car Bulb Check

Trusting your bulb service requirements to us has some important benefits.

Car repair and service

Professional Car Glass Service

The car's windows are crucial for safety, and even the smallest scratch can have serious consequences. For this reason alone, our experts should immediately repair any damages from stone chips. If necessary, we will install a completely new window – professionally and meticulously.

Car Repair and Service

Trust us with your car repairs or servicing and enjoy the benefits of having a first-class service provider.

Car Servicing

We can provide professional servicing and maintenance work with no loss of manufacturer warranty coverage.