pre-MOT check

We can prepare your car for its next mandatory inspection, registration inspection, and similar requirements. We can check your vehicle prior to the inspection and rectify any potential issues.

Get the most out of your car

We prepare your vehicle for mandatory inspections, ensuring it meets required standards. Our skilled mechanics and advanced equipment guarantee roadworthy cars while minimizing environmental impact. Whether it’s meeting periodic inspection requirements or enhancing safety with a basic inspection, we deliver reliable and efficient car maintenance.

pre-MOT check

Preparation for inspection

Get through the inspection quickly and easily.

Good to know

Every other year

We get your car ready for inspection. As per the law, cars that are 4 years old need to be inspected every other year. First, we test the exhaust emissions to ensure they meet the permitted levels of pollutants. Then, we conduct a thorough general inspection to assess the overall condition and safety of your vehicle.

Our skilled mechanics perform the general inspection and exhaust system testing, strictly following legal requirements. To minimize any negative impact on the environment, we always use the latest testing equipment from Bosch.

Get through the inspection quickly and easily

We perform a comprehensive check and test on your vehicle, making sure we adhere to all legal requirements. Our highly skilled mechanics use the latest testing equipment from Bosch, ensuring that we minimize any negative impact on the environment. After we’re done, we’ll give you a detailed overview of your vehicle’s condition and provide expert advice on the maintenance that was carried out.

Is it time for a pre-MOT check?

You can book a pre-MO check with us today in a few simple steps. We will provide you with an equivalent manufacturer level service based on your vehicle age and mileage.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like to speak to us first, you can call us or send us an email.

Our expert tip

“Did you know that? According to the law, cars that are 4 years old must undergo inspection every other year. New cars need their first inspection after 4 years. To ensure a smooth inspection process, we recommend getting your vehicle prepared with us, where our skilled mechanics check lights, brakes, and address any obvious deficiencies.”